I promise, one day I am going to be a proficient gardener and erase my brown thumb forever. Every year I try to plant some things. Azaelas: dead. Crype Myrtle: didn't bloom. Gladiolas: fell over. Tulips: only two or three came up. I think it was the weed killer Brian put down.

For heaven sakes.... I worked for a plant nursery for months in High School! The motto on the back of my shirt said, "I love to play in the dirt". Well, its a good thing I like to play in the dirt because I sure can't grow anything in the dirt.

This summer, I let Jaina pick out 3 packs of seeds. She picked based on the color of the flowers on the packet. I then checked to see if they could grow in full sun. I have no idea what we planted, but two types of flowers came up. A friend of mine told me that the ones that are doing well are called Zinnias.

For some reason, only the right side of the mailbox was able to grow flowers. Don't ask me why. The dirt should have been the same on both sides. Oh well. I have a lopsided flower bed, but atleast we have flowers! It was very fun watching them grow!

Next year, I'll plant more zinnias, some mexican heather, and some marigolds. I have had success with all three, so I think I'll stick to those things. Wish me luck!


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