Walkers Go North :: New Hampshire and the Mouris Family Reunion

I've got to switch gears for a sec and write about our most recent vacation trip up north instead of continuing my "catching up" posts. I cannot believe this, but I actually left my DSLR camera at home by accident so I only have cell phone pictures to post. So, here I go!

Why on earth did we do this? Well... here's scoop on Brian's family tree.

Brian's mom is Cathy Mouris Walker. She's one of 5 Mouris children from Francis and Catherine (Kay) Mouris. There's also Frank, Philip, Michael, and Susan. These are Brian's aunts and uncles that he grew up with.

Frank is married to Caroline and they have dogs, not kids. Wired hair fox terriers, to be exact.

Philip was married and divorced by the time Brian came along, but he remembers his cousins Stephen, Jeanette, and Cheryl very fondly.

Michael is married to Linda and they have cousin Michael Jr and Victoria.

And Susan married Ron (Brian was in their wedding!) and had Matthew, Patti Marc, Isaac, and Catherine. (Catherine is a very popular name in the Mouris family! Our own daughter is Jaina Catherine, too!)

Susan hasn't seen her brothers in a while, so she decided to host a Mouris Family Reunion at her home in New Hampshire and we drove 14 hours to attend.

It was great! We pretty much saw everyone at some point on our trip (except Michael Jr, Marc, Patti, and Catherine), but we certainly missed seeing Brian's mom Cathy and his Stepdad Robert. They are in poor  health and live out in Indiana.

Here are some pictures from New Hampshire!

Aunt Susan and Uncle Ron were the perfect hosts!


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