Catching Up: Sibling Bonding

For the most part, Jayce alternates between ignoring Jocelyn and being obsessed with kissing her. Some days I don't know what's worse! He loves to say, "I love you, baby... I love you, baby..." in a high-pitched screeching voice. Its like nails on a chalkboard! Ouch!

And sometimes, Jayce can be really sweet with Jocelyn. I know its been a hard adjustment for him as our now middle child. Its been too easy to baby Jayce with his developmental delays and subsequent autism. I love it when he asks to hold her or brings her a favorite toy.

I think I've mentioned that Jayce has had a rough summer this year. There was a particular day that he was just awful to his sisters. Oh, how this breaks my heart in two. Its no secret that I'll go all "momma bear" on someone that messes with my kids. But when the attacker IS one of my kids? That's tough.

My first thought was to separate Jayce from both Jaina and Jocelyn and not give him the opportunity to continue his aggression. And I did do this for a little while. But I wanted to end the day on a positive note and also show Jayce that I trusted him again to be around his baby sister. 

And what's one way to bond with your brother or sister in a fun and relaxing environment?

A bath :)

It was the perfect way to end a very stressful day.

Everything was forgiven and forgotten.

It also had the added benefit of accomplishing the washing of a very stinky dirty boy who doesn't like to take baths anymore.

I'm sure this won't be the last time my kids are at odds with one another. But I sure hope that turning the day around will be as easy as it was this time.


  1. I feel like Tirzah is kind of like this with Jericho. Sometimes she is SO rough with him and other times she just loves to kiss and snuggle him. Hang in there...I'm sure these kiddos will get their new siblings all figured out! Such cute shots, btw! :)

  2. I really love how you took a tough day and ended it on such a positive note! Look at those faces--those are some seriously happy kiddos! Cheers to you, Jessie, for being such a good, positive mom.


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