Catching Up: No More Training Wheels

I think it was Jayce's ABA Team meeting in the month of May when we decided that it was time to teach Jayce to ride his bike without training wheels. Jayce has always had a hard time with certain gross motor skills and peddling a bike has been a particular challenge for him.

His lead therapist suggested that we purchase a "balance bar" to attach to his bike. This would allow him to steer and peddle his bike without training wheels, but someone would be doing the balancing for him.

I was just about to buy one when his line therapist stopped me. "Let's just see what happens first. Let's take his training wheels off as soon as school gets out and we have more time to practice."

So, on a Friday in early June, we put his bike in the back of my van (what did I ever do without my minivan??) and drove down to a nearby park with a huge flat parking lot.

He was a little nervous, but very ready. Jayce was determined to ride his bike without training wheels today.

And ride he did....

It took him all of five seconds to find his balance. Then it took him another few minutes to learn to steer AND peddle AND balance all at the same time. But once he got it... he GOT it!

Jayce wanted to ride all morning long. We took a quick break to check out this crazy looking bug.

The girls had a good time, too, at first... then they both got a little impatient.

I'm so proud of my boy! All the things he's accomplished in such a short time! Its unbelievable to me that he'll be ending his 3 year ABA run this Fall. We will miss having such wonderful therapists be a big part of our lives.


  1. This makes me want to cry! Go Jayce go!!!!!!1

  2. Grandma Paula7:37 PM

    Words can't express how proud I am of my grandson... and how much thanks I give to all his therapists. (Jayce's dedicated Mommy deserves a bit of credit, too!)


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