Labor Day Weekend

We crammed a lot of fun into our three day weekend, despite having two sick kids. Jayce told me after school on Friday that his throat hurt. I didn't think much of it, but by Saturday afternoon, he was SO sick! Like, couldn't- move -ache- all -over -fever -and -crying- sick.

Which means I kind of regret letting him go to breakfast with us that morning.

It was the 2016-2017 BSHS Marching Band Fundraiser breakfast. It's the one time Brian doesn't mind spending money on taking us out to eat :)

I left the big kids home with Brian and took Jocelyn to a birthday party. We ended up having to leave early, though, because my husband was incapable of giving Jayce a dose of Advil. Sigh.

I didn't take pictures at Gabby's birthday, but I'm glad my friend Jackie did :)

We left Jayce and Jaina home on Sunday to keep their germs to themselves. By then Jaina, too, had a sore throat and an ear ache. Our friends Danielle and Thad had invited us to a cookout at their house. We had a blast!

We had decided on Friday that we'd try to head up to Chimney Rock State Park on Monday since it had been forever since we had gone. We let the big kids decide if they felt good enough to go. They decided to try, since Advil was pretty much keeping their symptoms at bay. I'm glad we all went!

Of course, a sore throat that lasts Friday through Tuesday needs to be looked at, so the big kids are heading to the doctor this afternoon. I guess I'll see soon if it's strep. Gotta love Welcome Back to School germs :)


  1. Oh man, what a bummer that you had some sickness this weekend! Glad you were still able to have some fun though!

  2. I thought I recognized the girl reading Jumanji to Jocelyn. Then I saw Maleah in another picture and realized it was her daughter. Braewyn knows Addison as she comes to our church with her grandma sometimes. Glad Chimney Rock was a great day for all of you.


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