Atlanta Christmas: hotel and grandpa's house

Before it gets too late to post these, I'd better back track a few weeks and write about our trip to Atlanta right after Christmas.

We stayed in a hotel (free!!) courtesy of my dad's travel rewards points. This is the best Jayce has every done in a hotel! For a while there, he would only sleep in a bed in his room, so a hotel meant no sleep for any of us. This time, he slept in the bed twice and opted to sleep on the floor a couple of nights as well. Jaina loved the window ledge with the sheer curtain the best :)

The rest of these pictures are from hanging out at my Dad's house. Jayce and Jaina got permission from my stepmom to take off the tinsel on the tree to play with it. Boy, did they have a blast!


  1. I feel the same way, at least you posted about your trip! We missed having Lee and Kim's tree lit up. Kim said it was "too dead". I had so much fun, it's sad to think it's been three weeks already.


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