Day 2 of Snow

Yeah, so you are looking at Day Two of Snow from last Saturday. Exciting, huh? Unfortunately, everything the weatherman fore casted came true. We did have precipitation starting at noon and lasting into the evening. The cold front did move up I-85 and drop temperatures into the 20's. It just didn't happen at the same time!!! Normally we get Atlanta's weather pretty consistently, but not this time. :( So you are looking at pictures of Jaina outside, in a sleeveless shirt, trying to catch flurries and freezing rain on her tongue. Hey, we take what we can get!!!


  1. Your Christmas looks like it was so wonderful, Jess.

    But this entry, of Jaina catching the snow. What an awesome thing to capture! And in a little sundress, no less! She must have had a good time.

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    That's wonderful! I haven't read much of your blog and am not sure where you live, but if we had the chance to go sleeveless in winter I'd be a very happy women!

    Right now we are suffering through -38C with windchills of -45C. Too funny!


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