Not a virus. Bacteria instead. The lovely strep bacteria to be exact.

I have it. Jayce has it. And my mother has it. We all have different symptoms and varying degrees of discomfort. Yet we all have the same darn thing.

Oh well. At least we'll all feel like new in like 24 hours thanks to penicillin! The only time I think antibotics are really good and necessary are for things like strep (not so much for ear infections or to take "just because").


  1. OH my gosh! I am so sorry your family is so sick. I hope they and you get better real soon. Thank you for the Thank you Card, I got it today. This was a nice trip to GA, the ride up and back wasn't bad.
    So far, we are all okay down here, no signs of any sickness *knock-on-wood*


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