Its So Funny...

I live for pictures like these. Every since Jayce was 17 months old, I have not been able to get him to look and smile at a camera. He's more interested in how the camera works, pushing the buttons to see the flash go off or the digital zoom lens expand and retract. When he does that, he gets this expressionless look on his face that no amount of "hey, Jayce, say CHEESE!" or singing silly songs will engage his attention.

And every once in a while, every 100 pictures or so, I'll catch Jayce smiling at something and am able to direct his gaze over to me if he doesn't know the camera is coming. Those are the pictures I post here. I usually end up deleting the pictures of Jayce that don't capture his personality correctly. Yeah, I know... not exactly "real life" photography, but his smiles are what I want to remember.

In this particular case, I was feeding Jayce a bowl of cereal and something funny happened to come on the TV that Jaina was watching. I can't remember exactly what it was... just a silly sound or phrase that made Jayce laugh. I reached for the camera just in time and kept repeating the sound I heard on TV. The planets aligned and I was able to get some cute pics of my baby boy.


  1. You did a great job capturing his beautiful smile. How do you arrange the pictures like that on the blog? I like it.

  2. He's adorable. (Funny how so many parents take for granted the happy, smiley, giggly, pictures, huh?) I love, love, love the pictures of him! He's a handsome little boy :) and I'm thrilled you got the pictures you wanted. :) That's awesome :)

  3. I know some people don't like to call little boys beautiful, but your Jayce IS!! These are fantastic pictures! Defintely ones to display.

  4. It's fun when you find a trick that works. The last time I got a series like that was from popping my bubble gum. LOL


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