New Year's Day

We wanted to do something "fun" and "family" today while Brian was home on vacation from work. But what to do? Kidsenses was closed, we just did Chuck E. the day after Christmas, Chimney Rock would be too crowded (we did Chimney rock on New Years back when Jaina was 19 months old and boy was it crowded!). The weather was supposed to be in the upper 50's, so we decided to go to RMC for a picnic and to look for some ducks.

We had a great time :) We brought along Jayce's little tykes T-ball set and Jaina's skydancer. The kids loved having free reign over those toys since house rules were null and void outside on an open field! We brought our own food, but stopped to get the kids some french fries to make up for the fact that we weren't going out to lunch. There were only a few other families there with their beautiful big dogs. We watched them fetch sticks in the water and chase the 4 ducks that were around.

We went on a little walk around the lake to the tiny waterfall that Jayce was enthralled with. This is the first time he's ever felt comfortable walking around at RMC. Normally I have to carry him. Brian gave him acorns to throw in the water and he thought that was just great! Jaina had fun feeding the ducks her peanut butter sandwich that she was "too full" to eat and some cheese crackers.

Finally, I got to cold, so I rounded everyone up back to the car where we went home and took naps. It was a great start to our year :)


  1. Your pictures are so nice, I see why you posted them twice! LOL I'm a snarky poet huh?

    Really, I can't get my mind around picnicking on New Years day!

  2. It looks like it was a lovely time. :)

  3. dude, I just now realized they were posted twice! I must have hit "copy" and not "cut" :P

  4. jess, what a lovely day! i'm inspired! :)


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