Friday Phone Dump (June edition)

 Well, it looks like Blogger is going to make me talk about my month in backwards order, so here I go!

I bought plastic chairs for the deck. 

I made a wreath out of dried eucalyptus, dried lavender, and dried Queen Anne's Lace.

I hung out with some of my favorite people in the world (one of my best friends and her kids!)

I crashed a WDS summer meet up :) 

My mailbox garden is looking good!

I was crafty with my Cricut Maker!

Attended the annual MOMS Club end of the fiscal year bash!

Saw Miss Celeste and all of her campers!

Tried my hand at the solar paper that Miss Callie gave me on the last day of preschool!

Took Willow to the vet for a check up. She's a great dog!! Perfect size!

Went lavender picking with Jocelyn. (This will also be a separate post one day)

We also went to Campbell's Covered Bridge.

Spaz is growing again and shedding!

I read Kristin Hannah's newest and loved it!

Took Willow to McMillan park to walk. She was scared at first, poor thing.

Went to brunch at Initial Q with MOMS Club!

Played darts with my neighbors :)

Helped my mom pick out a new couch!

Went to Book Club to discuss The House in the Cerulean Sea. If you haven't read it yet, you need to!

Muffins for Moms with MOMS Club! I made cinnamon coffee cake muffins.

Went to Dave and Buster's for some 1/2 price fun.

Jocelyn had a playdate with her buddy James!

Picked up my friend Tracey in Charlotte and had pho!

Played darts with the neighbors again...

Jocelyn and I tie-dyed shirts!

I started my job as a mother's helper for a sweet family from my preschool :)

Jocelyn got her first tick!


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