Spring Break: Friday At Milliken

On Friday, we did our typical lunch with Daddy to either Taco Bell or Del Taco. Since Jaina actually got to go with us this time, we let her pick. Sandra, the manager at Taco Bell, was delighted to see her favorite family, but gave us the evil eye when she accused us of eating way too much Del Taco in the past few months. We assured her that it wasn't just Del Taco that had taken us away; we've been sick too!

After we dropped Brian off, the kids and I headed to the duck pond on the complex. We only saw two ducks because we went to the one in back, not by the highway. So we played Pooh Sticks instead.

All of a sudden, we heard some major alarms going off outside. Even from all the way to the pond, we could hear the fire alarm going off at the building where Brian works. Jayce started crying because he doesn't like loud alarms that he hasn't heard before. Then Jaina started crying imagining her daddy was trapped in a burning building. I suspected it was a fire drill, so we walked back to the parking lot to our car to check it out. On the way, we got yelled at by a security guard for parking in associate's parking during business hours. It was 2:00 PM on a Friday and the lot was 1/4 empty anyway.

After that, we cut our fun in the sun short by going back home and watching movies on the couch.

Then Brian came home and washed the dog. Oh, what fun lives we lead sometimes! :)

Jayce watched the show with his super duper pool goggles.


  1. I want Jaina's SKIRT!

    I mean, awww! how cute are your kids? (lol) I love how you've done your spring break, the places you went, the fun you've all had, and all the wonderful pictures. Twice this week I have lamented not having my camera with me!

  2. I just love Jaina's stance in that one picture by the duck pond - she has some attitude, that one! And as usual, Jayce is just cute enough to eat. You have some adorable kids!

  3. More beautiful photos...thanks for sharing, and happy spring and Easter to you all!

  4. Wow, what beautiful scenery. What I would do to play Pooh Sticks with the kids.

    Jaina looks so pretty in her long skirt.

    Your pictures give the meaning of Spring at its peak, so colorful and crisp.

    Glad your having fun, one of has to ;0


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