Go Fly a Kite

The kids were the most excited about receiving cheap plastic kites (I do believe the Easter Bunny found them for a $1 at Walmart) in their Easter baskets this year. Unfortunately, it wasn't windy at all on the day we got home from TN. The kids patiently waited (well, kind of) until a day that had some moderate wind 5-10 mph. Then they had a blast :) Jaina's kite is Barbie and Jayce's kite is Justice League. Brian wanted to know why the Easter Bunny didn't bring *him* a Justice League kite and was very jealous of Jayce's :) Jayce was kind and let Brian have a turn (sorry, no pic!)

After we went inside for the day, Jayce went to his "workshop" that Jaina created for him out of a rubbermaid box and a plastic chair, and proceeded to "fix" his Handy Mandy Radio that we bought for him at the Disney Outlet store. He loves it!

Since this day last week, we've taken the kids several times to the park to fly kites in the big soccer field. However, we've found that if its TOO windy (15 mph with gusts up to 30!) then our kites just crash. I think the wind has to be moderate for these to work. Or else I need to get some better kite flying skills!


  1. How fun!! Love Jayce's pj's...Ian has those same ones! So cute!

  2. What fun! Makes me feel like a bad mom, though. Kelsey got not one but THREE kites for her birthday three weeks ago, and we haven't gotten out yet to fly them. I'm recommitted to doing it this week!

  3. That's funny, the Easter bunny brought those same kites to our house. Talon was able to take his to the beach and do it with my little brother and sister. Isn't flying kites a blast!


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