Spring Break: Tuesday!

On Tuesday, I got the pleasure of babysitting an absolutely gorgeous 10 month old little girl while her mommy went to the dentist. Her sister and Jaina played princesses that morning as well. We love getting together with our old neighbors that used to live right next door to us before we moved.

Before all the girls left, we had a "fairy dust incident" that left me wondering if I could ever trust Jaina and her friends out of my sight again. *sigh*. My mom calmly reminded me that knew another 6 year old girl at one time that liked to get into messy trouble with her friends as well. What goes around comes around, I guess!

A beautiful pink princess and her valiant steed:

Jaina is an "Island Princess", hence the need for a Hawaiian dress :)

Isn't she gorgeous!? I would love to try a photo shoot of her one day :)

Jayce and "his" Barbie cd player, loaned to him graciously by his big sister:


  1. Yes, that baby is precious. I miss the 7-month old stage. THey are perfect little models at this age.

    Emma was never that small, she looked like she was 1 at 5 months, now she looks like she' 3 1/2 and she's not even 2, she weighs the same as Justin. I feel bad for her, she looks way older than she is and it makes her clumsy and the daycare workers expect more from her and she's still really aggressive. She is a far cry from a dainty princess...


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