Pictures from Atlanta

We got into town around 4:00 PM on Friday afternoon. Jayce was a bit out of sorts due to some pain in his ears that was either due to allergies or an infection. I'm taking him to the doctor today, so I guess we'll find out!

Friday night, Dad, Kim, Jami, me, and the kids went out to eat at Bambinelli's, my dad's favorite Italian place :) After that, the kids I and drove to the other side of the perimeter to meet an old friend and her family :)

The next day, Jaina and Jayce had a blast just playing in the yard and picking azalea blossoms for Grandma Kim.

Jayce kept shutting himself into the empty dog kennel next to Jo-jo's cage.

Jaina made a trail of rocks and flower petals, just in case we couldn't find our way back to the house from the yard:

Jayce seems to have an ear for music. He looked up at the sheet music and pointed to the notes and said, "what's that letter, mommy? Is that middle C?" so I got out a beginner's practice book that had the letter names written as well as the notes. He already knows where middle C is, so we practiced using all his fingers and his thumb to play a simple 5 note scale up and down. He was so cute, he'd say, "thumb, finger, finger, finger, finger, finger, finger, finger, thumb" as he tried hard to use only one finger at a time.

On Saturday morning, it was just absolutely gorgeous out. We didn't know what we should do for the day! The zoo? Stone Mountain? The park? The Dogwood Festival? Jaina voted for "none of the above". She suggested we all play miniature golf. To our surprise, Uncle Jeff wanted to come too! We all went to Fuddruckers to eat lunch and then headed to Pirate's Cove to play golf. Jayce would not leave our golf balls on the green where they landed, so we pretty much threw out the idea of keeping score. Not that I would have won anyway!

After golf, we all rested for a bit at Dad's house before heading over to spend more time with Uncle Jeff. The kids absolutely LOVE going to his house. He has lots of "toys" including a car racing game that he hooks up to his wide screen TV, an in-home golf putting game, cool rubic's cubes, and tons of musical instruments.

Jaina and Jayce try out the microphones. Jaina certainly has the dramatic flair needed to perform!

Jeff showed Jayce how to be a proper guitarist, equipped with amp and sound effects.

On our way to the car, the kids played outside in Jeff's front yard first. (Jaina's pics turned out blurry due to slow shutter speed and too fast a subject!)

Since the only time my kids attend church is when we are home with my parents, they seldom get to wear their fancy dress clothes that I end up buying them anyway. So, inevitably, I always try to get pictures of them in their nice clothes in my parent's pretty backyard. And I fail more times than not. My kids just really aren't the personality type to sit still in beautiful clothes with serene smiles and picturesque backgrounds. Which is why I am constantly drawn to photographers that capture fun and personality of kids, not posed shots. This is one of my favorite blogs to read (and btw, she's LDS!): Kam and Fam
Anyway, back to my pictures. We got home from church, (where Jayce was HORRIBLE with a capitol "H" during Sacrament, Sharing time, and Sunbeams) to find it raining. So, I grabbed shots on the porch before letting them change.

And I promise not to be lazy and do a slide show this time!


  1. How fun!! tell your dad and kim i said hi. was that pirates cove by gwinnett mall? josh and i had our first date there!!

  2. Your so lucky. I would have loved to go to GA at Christmas instead of them coming here. GA has so much more beauty and color.

    Joshua was just talking about Jeff yesterday, he wants to play Need for Speed (XBOX) with him.

    Looks like everyone had fun.

    Your kids dress really nice and they have a great mom that takes great pictures.

    One of my favorites is Jaina with the microphone!

  3. Anonymous11:23 AM

    ack! i'm already hating the teenage years for ya. those kids are so gorgeous that they're bound to be a handful when it comes to dating. ;)

  4. What a fun visit! I LOVE the pictures of Jaina's trail of flowers and pebbles. She reminds me so much of my daughter, Olivia. Also, Connor has that same dress shirt that Jayce is wearing - MY FAVORITE. His has a little green vest with it, though.

  5. By the way - slip 'n slides are just $10 at Target! They even have Diego and Backyardigans :)


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