Jayce's Pigeon Party

Not a whole lot of time to journal on this entry. I might have to come back to it later.

Here's the rundown...

My mom couldn't come to Jayce's party at Monkey Joe's, so we decided to have a little family party for him on his actual birthday. We invited Monica, Angie, Angie's girls Maddie and Virginia, and our neighbors, Lori and Dennis.

We cooked hotdogs, since you know, The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.

I made the cupcakes. First attempt at using frosting and a decorating bag. Not too shabby, right?

The pictures in Black and White are not because I wanted to be artsy. Nope, it means that someone didn't adjust the white balance on my camera for them. Whoops!



  1. Looks like a great time had by all! I love seeing how so many people licked the icing off the cupcakes (beautifully decorated, by the way). I have to eat my cake and icing together, I don't get the licking thing. My favorite pic is the "grandma kiss" Jayce gives - so cute!

  2. I can really see Jayce's love for "Gray", so sweet! Your mom has such a special touch and love for him.

    Brian, he is a trip, and that tongue, he can put Gene Simmons to shame.

    Is that Monica with him? She reminds me of Farrell.

    The cupcakes look so good.

    Now, don't forget to take some "after birthday" pictures of you and Jayce so you can put them in an album for later, so he doesn't ask "why weren't you at any of my parties Mommy?" Like Joshua asks me when he looks at his scrapbook or photo album, since we are always behind the lens.

    I love the Pigeon them. Doesn't Mo Willems write the best books. I like Knuffle Bunny too.

  3. I meant to say "I love the Pigeon theme"

  4. It all just makes me want to CRY! He's such an adorable child. (sniffle)

    And could Angie and Brian be kindred spirits? LOL

  5. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I told Jess to be ready for when we run away together...hehe


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