Before Easter

MOMS Club Easter Egg Hunt

On Wednesday, I hosted the annual Easter Egg Hunt/Potluck April Lunch at our house. It was so much fun! Well, I had fun. I can't really say that Jayce had fun. Its not like he didn't have fun, its just that he wasn't there for any of it. As soon as the playroom filled up with kids, he hightailed it to the bonus room to play computer. And there he stayed until about 1:30 PM when there were only two kids left. He came downstairs and said, "Where'd Louis go?" and then said he was hungry. Oh well! All the other kids had fun!

Music On Main

Thursday night found us at the Moonsoon Noodle House for dinner before we met some friends for Music On Main. Jayce actually ate some wonton and broccoli! He and Jaina loved trying to use the chopsticks to eat their dinner.

Then it was on to the Music on Main festival down town!

Now THAT is a big ice cream cone! Guess who got to finish it? :)

our new friends from England enjoying the music and treats

The game of hide and seek tag begins

Jayce just chased the boys around, not really understanding that they were playing hide and seek tag

Jaina's looking hard for her friends that are hiding

Obviously Jayce made himself very comfortable

How can we get our yard to have grass like this??

Being Naughty

At the Walker house, we have a few rules that other households may not adhere by. You have to remember that my husband is a clean freak, for lack of a better word, and my children are more likely to get in trouble for spilling water on the floor then they are for saying a bad word! Its all about priorities and what behavior is important, to you as a parent, for your children to have.

We have a rule that says, "Treat furniture with respect".
Roughly translated into kid speak, that means:

-no jumping on the beds
-no doing gymnastics on the couch
-no standing on the kitchen table chairs
-no sitting on the back of the couch
-no sitting (or standing) on the coffee table

My main fear is not that my kids will hurt themselves or the furniture (since both are pretty tough and well-made :) ), its that they will do these inappropriate things at someone else's house and I'll be seen as a bad mom who lets her children act like wild monkeys hanging off the chandeliers and sliding down the banisters.

Jaina knows the rules very well. Jayce is still learning these rules. He's into the "I'm going to test you, mommy, to see if you really MEAN that I can't sit on the coffee table!" Since I've already played this game with Jaina when she was two, this is all old school stuff to me :)

So, Jayce decides to get on the coffee table.

And like any good mom, I run for my camera instead of removing him :)

Then Jaina asks if she can "be naughty and sit on the coffee table" too :)

I love this picture!

What a goof!

Oh my, that's quite a kiss!

See, wasn't that more fun than adhering to boring old rules anyway? Although after I put my camera way, I told them to get off the table :)


  1. Fun was invented by rule breaking. I like the one on the coffee table too.

    Looks like a perfect time was had by all.

  2. I love the coffee table pictures. Isn't it funny how we'll let rules slide a little when there is a photo op?! I think every mom does this! :)


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