Happy Birthday Baby (not so baby!) Boy

I always get reminiscent of how fast the time has gone around my children's birthdays. Although I am excited to have older and more independent children and watch them grow in height and personality, I do admit that I miss my babies. I don't have babies anymore, do I?

The next few days will be filled with pictures of Jayce. Hope you don't go on Jayce overload or anything :P We do birthdays in a big way around here. Its not just today, we've celebrated since the arrival of his first present last week and we'll continue to celebrate until we are done.

Happy Birthday Jayce!

6 Weeks old:

1st Birthday:

18 months:

2 Years old

3 years old


  1. Happy Birthday Jayce.

    We love you and miss you, have a great Pigeon Party!

    Jessie-they grow up too fast, I miss my boys being babies. I miss the chubby baby fat and all that stuff, but then I am in awe of their accomplishments and how everyday they learn something new and even teach us a thing or two.

    Have fun today.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jayce! Wow...I can't believe he is 4 already. Seems like yesterday when Jaina was in my class and he was just a little squirt! :-) I hope you all have a great day!

  3. Those are great photos! I especially love the first one-- really fabulous!

  4. I know how birthdays are. I can't believe my baby will be one tomorrow! Tell Jayce happy birthday from Talon.

  5. He's a beautiful boy!! I remember coming over to see him when he was a few days old!! I feel your pain... no babies in this house either. :( Braewyn turns 2 on Saturday!


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