Random February

Challenging myself to take one photo a day with my DSLR has been very beneficial to me so far. I am finding joy in taking pictures of my family again.

But since I only select one picture to be the one for the day, I am left with a lot of random pictures that I take throughout the day.

There is no rhyme or reason for these pictures; its just a snapshot of what goes on in our daily life.

The cute baby in the exersaucer is one of my babysitting kids. His big sister is a ham for the camera, but I have yet to get her in a natural pose so pictures of her will have to wait :)

Here's how our February has looked so far:

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of fun! Snow is expected 'round these Southern parts on Tuesday. Stay safe and warm!


  1. These are the randoms?!? Gorgeous!

  2. Jess! Stop the truck. These pictures of your sweet baby girl are so perfect! I am glad you are taking one picture every day with your dslr! Good for you! What a great goal!


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