70 degrees in February? I'll take it.

I think I have SAD.

That would be Season Affective Disorder.

I have just been so tired lately. So unmotivated.

I hate laundry. I hate dishes. I hate vacuuming. I hate dusting.

Sitting on the couch and cuddling with my kids sounds so much more appealing. With a warm blanket and wool socks.

Cleaning the playroom? Nah.

Cooking dinner? Nope.

But today? Today was gorgeous. 70 degrees and beautifully sunny out. I opened the windows, cranked up some music, and actually wanted to clean today.

Then we went to the park. The actual park! I can't remember the last time we all went to the park. We didn't even need jackets!

We basked in the golden sunshine.

Then we went home and I cooked a big dinner from (almost) scratch.

Yet I just heard the forecast tomorrow is a high of 44 and overcast and rainy all day.

Back to the couch I go....


  1. I'm right with ya. I can't do anything when it's cold.

  2. I feel your pain. I feel like I get depressed every winter. Hope spring comes soon!

  3. Enchanting! And barefooted too lol cute.

  4. i can so relate with you!! these are just beautiful! love them! they make me so excited for warmer weather!!

  5. I get that way, too, when the weather gets colder around here. That said, I love the cold and prefer the cold over the super hot and humid summers we get.

  6. I am so jealous! Today the high is 19. Summer seems so far away, and I absolutely do get SAD. Sunshine is such an important part of my life! Love your park photos. And I love that you threw open your windows!


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