Meet Hat Guy

Our 2-year-old probably has a multiple personality disorder. Oh, I'm sorry... I think the correct term is "Dissociative Identity Disorder". :) I think a lot of toddlers would qualify for this diagnosis. I used to call Jaina "Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde" due to her personality that would change on a dime.

Well, whatever you call it, we now have another member to our family.

Hat Guy.

You can thank Jayce for the name. And you can thank me for the awful straw hat which was purchased at Goodwill for a costume party. 

Jocelyn just randomly picked up the said hat from its home on the shelf in the garage. And she put it on her head and said, "I'm Hat Guy" while patting her tummy.

Hat Guy does all the same things that Jocelyn likes to do. 

Although, sometimes its hard to keep Hat Guy happy when the wind picks up.

Jocelyn will correct me if I call her by the wrong name.

"Jocelyn, do you want a snack?" I asked the other day.
"No. Hat Guy does," was her reply.

Brian will come home from work and see a hat-less Jocelyn and exclaim, "Oh no! Where's Hat Guy?" Then Jocelyn will quickly look for her hat, place it on her head, and say, "Here I am!"

Have I mentioned how much I love this age? So much personality.


  1. Love her hat!

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  2. I can not even stand how adorable Hat Guy is! : )

  3. Oh wow...your photos are amazing. All that time and hard work paid off! You guys all looked amazing and like you had so much fun!

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