Valentine's Day 2014

Yesterday was Valentine's day. My husband's 2nd least favorite holiday. (Christmas is his first. For reals. He's a scrooge).

Normally I have to beg/threaten/cry to get Brian to acknowledge the day with at least a little thoughtfulness on his part. Oh, I always get flowers. But I usually get attitude with those flowers. And a reminder on how much they cost.

This year, however, I got the sweetest card attached to my flowers:

I'm pretty amazed that he knows how long we've been together.

And I have to laugh at the flower people spelling his name wrong. He HATES the spelling of Brian the "wrong" way :P

So, my hubby gets props for being sweet. ALL ON HIS OWN!

My tulips were beautiful. (I love roses, but not red roses. And tulips are my favorite flower).

He gave his darling Jaina a single red tulip in her own vase. Complete with a dog stuffed animal. She was thrilled :)

Then we made cupcakes. They were yummy. I suck at baking. You'd think that I couldn't ruin a batch of cupcakes from a box mix, but I overcooked half of them because I didn't hear the oven timer go off. I was watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.

We went to lunch as a family. Nothing screams Valentine's Day and Romance than Taco Bell.

We are going out for a real date night tomorrow night! So excited! Now to see who wins their restaurant of choice :P


  1. First flower Seth ever gave me: potted tulips (also my favorite). We planted them at (then) his house. We tried to transplant them to this house, but they didn't survive. Been here 9 years and have never planted any. Might have to do that this year. :)


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