Spring in the Middle of Winter

So, February in South Carolina tends to be a bit finicky.

Thank goodness for Time Hop, which will let me know if I commented or took a picture of the weather on a particular day in the past. And I usually did.

Last year it was thunderstorms:

But the year before, it actually snowed!

And the year before, it was warm enough for outside sidewalk chalk.

And 8 years ago, it was freezing. Literally.

We've been cautiously enjoying this year's beautiful weather all while waiting for the other shoe to drop. We don't dare put away our boots, scarves, and long pajamas. That's a sure fire way to guarantee that it will freeze again, or even snow.

So we drag out our Spring/Summer clothing out of storage and wear lots and lots of layers that can be taken off as the temperature rises 30 degrees in 6 hours.

And we play outside. A lot :)

This Florida-born Summer-lovin' mom isn't complaining one bit :)


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