Epcot :: Day 3

Yep. You read that right.

We went back to Epcot the very next day.



Most people will tell you that you can see everything and ride everything in one day at Epcot. And although that may be true, my boys LOVE Epcot and I knew there were things they wanted to go back and do.

So, we decided to spend two days there instead of going to Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom.

Oh, and it was also Jocelyn's birthday :)

Since her love of all things Mickey and Minnie waned a bit when she turned 4 and fell in love with all things Pooh and 100 Acre Woods, she didn't have a current Minnie Mouse shirt that fit her. So her one request for her birthday was to get a new shirt. I went up to the gift shop to see if they had any in her size. 

She liked it, but then decided to wait until we went to Epcot to find one.

Perry was in control of the TV remote.

My friend back home requested a birthday picture of her "birthday twin" :)

Then it was off to the parks again!

We found a Minnie Mouse shirt right away.

"Mom, take my picture! This is funny!"

We went back through the countries that we didn't get to visit the day before. Brian and Jayce went and had lunch in Mexico. The girls and I went to Japan.

On the way back to meet Daddy and Jayce, Jocelyn dropped our beloved Perry the stuffed animal and decided to jump out of the stroller (she wasn't strapped in) and grab him. I had no idea, so I kind of ran into her and knocked her down. She scraped her knees and hands.

A kind couple (who happened to be wearing Perry and Dr. Doofenshmirtz hand made knit hats, stopped to help.  It just so happened that they had a Phineas and Ferb band-aid.

We found Jayce and Daddy, but left them in China while we went somewhere else.

Then it was off to ride Imagination with Figment again. I used to love this ride in the 80's and boy has it changed a ton!

Gotta love the Grandpa in the back photo bombing!!

 We had time left for one more thing before we had to travel to Mickey's Back Yard BBQ at Fort Wilderness.

We played in the grass with Perry until we all agreed on the Energy theatre ride with Ellen DeGeneres.

Then we had a LONG way to travel. Through the countries, out the back exit, over to the Epcot Beach Resort, through their lobby, to their shuttle buses, to Magic Kingdom, to the ferry, and finally to Fort Wilderness.

Mickey's Backyard BBQ was fun, but loud and crowded. The kids liked the food best, though. We waited in line 3 times before we finally got to see Mickey and Minnie.

Jocelyn loved dancing with her!

We left Fort Wilderness and split up again.

Brian and Jayce headed back to Epcot (See, I told you they love that park!) and the girls and I went to the Polynesian Resort where my brother and sister in law were staying. We went swimming in their awesome resort pool and then the girls played tea party with Zoe.

It was great spending time with my brother and his family :)


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