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Every summer, our county libraries kick-off a Summer Reading program. This is the first year that both Jayce and Jaina are going to participate. Jaina has a list of books and activities that she can choose to complete in order to receive a medal at the end of summer. Jayce just has to be read to by me 10 times. 10 times? That's it? Honestly, I think they should make that goal a little loftier for the young ones. It may be a big deal for Jaina to read 10 books by herself, but not so much for Jayce to listen to 10 books in 10 weeks. I think we'll complete that goal early :)

I take my camera to the library all the time trying to get decent pictures. But never have until now. Wow, the lens does make a lot of difference! (And maybe, just maybe, I'm learning how to use my camera a bit better.) For the kick-off, the kids sat in the story time room eating popcorn while watching Charlotte's Web. Jayce, who has NEVER sat through a single 25 minute story time in his life actually sat for over 30 minutes watching the movie. Maybe I should take popcorn with us to story time this summer!

After that, we went outside to the Reading Garden. I've always loved this place. I have a picture of Jaina at age 2 sitting on a bench outside taken with my film camera and true black and white film. Its my favorite picture.

Then we came inside to see the new reading area in the children's section. They removed the ugly old plastic couches and replaced it with "book" cushions. Too cute!

Last, we had to go play on the reading train. You are supposed to take books on it to read, but Jayce likes to pretend he's going somewhere on the train. Did you read that? He likes to pretend :) It may have taken him 4 years to understand what "pretend" means, but boy, once he gets it, he gets it!


  1. Wow, that's some library! What great shots. My kids would actually want to go to the library, if they had a library like that to go to!

    I didn't realize Jaina's school ended already, glad your kids are having a nice summer.

    I can see your enjoying that 50 lens. I had such a hard time at the class party the other day, I had to switch lenses. Then the flash ruined some shots...

    I couldn't get a wide enough angle to get the whole class into pictures. It was so frustrating. I need to learn how to compose photo stitching. That's my goal this summer.

  2. AHH I love the library and summer reading programs. Can you imagine actually only reading 10 books to your kid in 10 weeks?? that is funny.

    i always wish for good pics from the library too, but have yet to get any i really like. maybe i should keep trying :) yours look great.

    What books does Jaina enjoy? How about Jayce? Coleman doesn't always have a choice as I want to "make" him love the books I do! like my favorites by Keiko Kaza! anyway...happy summer!!

  3. One cool thing about the summer reading program here is that the "goal" is 800 pages, 8 books, or 800 minutes of reading - you get to choose the goal you want. (I'm making both girls do 800 pages - there's not as many words on Kelsey's pages and I'm reading them to her.) Then once you reach the goal, you can go back and do it again and again for more prizes! Exciting, huh?


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