Jayce's Top Ten Reasons Why He Can't Go to Time Out

On the way home from the Waterpark the other day, Jayce was kicking Jaina with his feet just to annoy her. I warned him that if he continued to kick, he'd be going to Time Out when we got home.

Crying at the concept of Time Out, he then started yelling all the different reasons why he just couldn't go to time out. By the way, the Time Out consequence is usually served on said perpetrator's bed until they calm down.

10. "Time out is all gone!"
9. "It's OLD!"
8. "We have to buy a new one!"
7. "Its busy!"
6. "There's no room on my bed!"
5. "I have 5 friends on my bed!"
4. "Kaitlyn from Kansas is sleeping on my bed!"
3. "There are snacks on my bed. Chex Mix is on there!"
2. "Time out is NOT a good choice, mommy!"
1. "TV is a good choice."


  1. I love those reasons!

  2. LMAO! I love that boy.

  3. He is hillarious Jessie. I was cracking up reading his reasons,lol

  4. I am saving these reasons to use someday.

  5. Yeah, our time out stays pretty busy too, but I've found there's always room for one more! He's so adorable!


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