See you next year!

In September, 2006, my good friend Kelly from MOMS Club moved back to Pennsylvania with her husband Toggle, and kids Lydia and Naomi. Although we've kept in touch through phone calls and emails, neither family has been able to make the 12 hour trip up or down to visit until this year.

Despite not having been in physical contact for almost 3 years, Jaina and Lydia have stayed close through phone calls and letters. They picked up right where they left off :)

Kelly looks just as great as she did 3 years ago when she left :)

Naomi and Jayce used to play together as toddlers. Now, as preschoolers, they had a bit of trouble with the concept of sharing on the first day. However, by the end of the visit, they were fast friends. Jayce asked for his "Me-oh-mi" for days after.

Oh my, how on earth am I going to survive without seeing this little guy's smile every day?

If you tell Toby "Bye-bye!" he'll most definitely wave at you :)


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