You'll always be my baby

My good friend Becca watched my children for me some time last week so I could run some errands kid-free. Because she was 37 weeks pregnant, it was very obvious that a baby was on its way. Becca told me that she informed Jayce that she had a baby in her tummy. This prompted Jayce to try to lift her clothes up the entire visit to try to see the baby :)

Then, when I arrived, Jayce lifted MY shirt up and asked me if I had a baby in my tummy. Nope, sorry bud!

Fast forward to this morning.

I heard the news via text from Becca's husband that her new baby, Cassie, had arrived healthy and sound. I let Jayce know that after therapy at the hospital today, we'd be going to see Miss Becca and her new baby.

"Miss Becca has a baby in her tummy?"
"No, Jayce... her baby came out at the hospital. She can hold baby Cassie now. Her tummy is empty now."
"Oh... mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?"
"No, Jayce... I'm sad, though, I wish I did."

And he replied,
"Mommy... I be your baby."

You most certainly will :) Forever.

This picture was taken during one of the many times this past week that Jaina has convinced Jayce to play "baby and mommy". I think she just likes to boss him around!


  1. Aww, I have baby fever too. Luckily my neighbor came by with her 5 month old for a while and she let me hold her. For a while my niece had me freaked out about babies, she's a tough one to be around.

    Justin is always telling me he doesn't want to get big and he is my baby.

    Yes, they will always be our babies. Jayce is very tolerable. I think it's great he plays baby with Jaina. Justin loves baby dolls, he has one boy doll he feeds and undresses all the time.

  2. Jessie, thanks for saying what you said on my blog today. I was really ready to give up on the whole photography thing. I was comparing myself and being really hard on myself. My sister said to me today "Just have fun with it." Got me to thinking that's why I do photography because it is fun for me. So I will continue developing my own style, at my own pace at my own will and along the way I will be happy.


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