Big Boy Bed

Once Jayce turned 4, we knew his days of sleeping on an itty-bitty toddler bed were coming to a close. I had gone to Walmart to pick out a nice little twin bed frame with drawers underneath. I was not looking forward to the price of the bed frame, plus the mattress we'd have to buy. But, what can you do? Beds are expensive, but you hope they'll last a long time at least.

Then Dodi and Vince got married. Vince had to find room for an entire apartment full of furniture into their house that Dodi has already lived in (and fully furnished) for several years. That's how we ended up with a very nice double bed for our big boy!

Jayce absolutely loves his bed, and so does the rest of the family!


  1. awww...too cute.

  2. That last photo is precious. BTW, I still have your bed rail. It's in our storage unit but I can easily get it out if you want it. Sorry that I sort of kidnapped it. Just let me know. Braewyn will probably stay in her crib for at least another six months (maybe another 1-2 months here (Lord-willing we'll be moving!) and then 4 months getting used to the new house before letting her walk around at night in case she sneaks out of bed!).


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