Awards Day, 2009

On Wednesday of last week, Jayce and I attended Ms. Skinner's First Grade Awards ceremony. Jaina won several awards: Most Creative, reading 500 lines for Hundred Book Challenge, and the Sweet Kid award. Also, she and her friend Dee Dee were hand picked to read their creative stories aloud to the class.

Jayce's behavior was less than stellar and he had to be removed for a bit. Thanks, Brittany, for stepping in and taking pictures!

The class made me a card and gave me a picture frame for helping out in the room this year. I was so surprised and appreciative :)

On Friday, Brian and I attended Jayce's end of the year Picnic (indoors) and Awards ceremony. Each child got an award based on personality. Jayce received the "Most Imaginative" award due to his new found ability to pretend in the play kitchen at school. He likes to make his teacher pancakes every morning. Also, he received the Superintendent's award based on academic progress. We are so proud!


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  2. Let's see if I can write this better...

    Glad to see her school awards for creativity. Can't believe the year is over.

    What story did she read to the class.

    Nice capture of the awards. I couldn't get close up since Joshua's was in the Cafeteria.

    Justin has such an attitude now... forget the terrible two's. What about 3 1/2!

  3. Sounds like you have a future writer on your hands! I was hooked when I got my first byline at 6 for a school writing competition. :)

  4. Great pics, as usual. It's awesome that you got to help out with Jaina's class. It sounds like both kids have made great strides this year!


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