We've lived in this neighborhood for 2 years now. Finally, finally, we have met and gotten to know everyone on our small street. Although all of our neighbors are super nice and friendly, there is one in particular that has taken a liking to our kids.

Nadia is an elderly woman originally from Russia. Her son brought her to South Carolina and moved her into our neighborhood so he could look after her. Nadia is an avid gardener and is always willing to share her excess with us.

Last Summer, I sent her a thank you note after she brought us some fresh herbs to cook with. The next day, she pantomimed that she could not read the note. I had always assumed that her English was better than it was, so now we draw her a picture and bake her bread to thank her instead.

The other day, she beckoned Jaina and I to come over to her house. She was trying to give us one of her dog's new puppies. It was hard to convey to her *why* we couldn't take one home with us. (How do you say, "Our dog Alli will probably chase it down and hurt it?" in Russian?) So instead, she wanted us to pick some berries that had just ripened on our vine.

We are so thankful to have Nadia in our lives :)

Nadia offered to take a picture of Jaina and I together :)


  1. How wonderful. The berries look so good.

    I would jump for joy to have a neighbor like that. Take a picture of her next time.

    that's nice she took a picture of you two.

    Just think you almost had a puppy!

  2. She sounds like a sweet, sweet woman. And I'll just bet she's so excited to have you guys for neighbors. So often we just go on about our business and don't get to know the people around us. It's a blessing for you both!

  3. Does she have squash too? because we have it coming out our ears! Your photos are always so stunning.


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