10 on 10: April

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I did it!! I did it!! I did it!!!!

For the first time in months, I actually remembered to take 1 photo each hour for 10 days on the 10th day of the month!! I'm beyond proud of myself :) And I guess I'm making up for the last few attempts because I actually took 12 photos today :)

7:00 AM:

The morning view out my window on this beautiful Sunday morning. The kids were still sleeping and I was sneaking a peek at my email and FB in the quiet.

8:00 AM:

The kiddies were up by this point. Normally I'd be making pancakes and bacon, but this morning we made Monkey Bread. This was Jayce's first time helping shake the biscuits in the cinnamon. 

9:00 AM

An hour later...Perfection!!!

10:00 AM

We were right on time for the kids' photo shoot this morning with Gena Murphy Photography. It was cold (55 degrees!) so we waited in the van for the previous session to end before we had to be out in the weather!

11:00 AM
We were actually driving on the highway at 11, but I took this picture of our pansies on our front porch as soon as we got out of the car :)

12:00 PM

Grocery shopping! Cocoa Pebbles... YUM!

1:00 PM
I had my lenses out on the table so I could clean them before my two afternoon shoots today.

2:00 PM

Didn't want to leave the hubby out :)
3:00 PM
At 3:00 PM, I was in the middle of a photo session of a family which includes this cutie!

4:00 PM

An hour later, different family, different location, different photo shoot :)
5:00 PM

I was close to my mom's house at this point and she's been laid up in bed for 10 days straight with a pinched nerve, so I stopped by to say "hi". 

6:00 PM

As I was leaving an hour later, the sunset behind the dandelions caught my eye.

And there was my day in pictures :)


  1. Oh my!!! I haven't had monkey bread in years.... I must figure out how to make that again... it looks amazing :D

  2. I love your 10-on-10! It's always inspiring the way you make ordinary, everyday life look so lovely--even dandelions! ;-)

  3. I love the dandelion shot and I have lens envy.


  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I've never seen this before. Cool idea! TFS!

  5. yeah!!! so glad you remembered! what a fun & busy day you had! loved reading about it :)

  6. Cool ten on ten, nice job remembering! We have Monkey bread every year Thanksgiving morning...great pics!

  7. jess, i love these. your 8am jayce is priceless. he looks like a character out of some 50s show -- leave it to beaver or something! so cute.


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