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Jayce has always been a bit jealous of Jaina's private piano lessons with our neighbor across the street. We tried letting Jayce take lessons, too, but his attention span proved too short for even a 30 minute lesson.

Never fear, Jayce is learning quite well on his own. He can play the first 4 measures of Pachabel's Canon in D and also the very beginning of the Carol of the Bells. He still wants to play with only one finger and not his whole hand, but since he refuses to play a song that's technically on his beginner level, we just work with what he knows.

This afternoon he decided to try to play the theme song to Nintendo's original Zelda game.

And by golly, he was able to play the first 4 notes by ear. Then he made me scour the internet to find Zelda sheet music so I could learn to play the theme song (and therefore teach him in the process). You would think that it would be hard to find transposed music from video games but I assure you, its not. Some geeks have way too much time on their hands!

Anyway, I snapped this photo the other day after Jaina came home from her lesson. She had decided that she was going to teach Jayce herself. She grabbed her first beginner book out of the bench and proceeded to give Jayce a lesson. Glad I got a picture since the "lesson" lasted all of 3 minutes :)

I'm so proud of my kids pretty much all the time :)


  1. This is a priceless shot! My sister and I spent most of our childhood together on the piano bench. Such memories. Thanks, Jessie, for the flashback. :)


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