Spring Break: Days Three, Four, Five, etc...

We started Day Three with some nasty cold and rain. Yuck! Who called for that? It wasn't even April yet so I have no idea why the April Showers kicked in early this season. I'd better be seeing some May flowers outta this! :)

Our good friends that we haven't seen in forever came over for a playdate. Jaina and Logan used to play with each other when Logan was newly 2 and Jaina was still a toddler! They don't remember :) It was quite awkward for them at ages 9 and almost 9 to be thrown together for another playdate. But they made it work!

Day Four was filled feverishly with packing both suitcases, coolers, and the van. Then we were off! It rained the entire 6 hour drive. The kids asked, "Are we there yet? How many hours have we been on the road? How many minutes? How many hours left? How many minutes left? Are we halfway there?"

Needless to say, I did not take any pictures of Days 3 or 4. But that's okay because I certainly make up for it with Days 5-7 :)

Spring Break on the North Carolina Coast with our best friends! What a way to finish up the vacation!

We crammed a whole lotta fun in those 2 days (plus 2 travel days!).

There was a trip to a bouncy place with inflatable slides...

You already know there was some trampoline bouncing, too :)

And there was also some park playin'...

And some Nintendo DSi time, 

and some more DSi time.

One of my favorite parts was the T-ball game!

Jayce thought the dugout was a pretty cool place :)

Then there was some Jeep-car riding...

and more Jeep-car riding...

and more Jeep-car riding...

As you can see, that's a favorite past time :)

Unfortunately, the weather turned pretty cold while we were there. 
Fortunately, it was great weather for the fire pit!

And our trip wouldn't have been complete without some boys getting clean in the tub with some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There was also some scooter riding...

and two best friends dressing like twins :)

It couldn't have been any better :)

(well, okay, the weather could have been nicer and we could have gone to the beach had the wind not been so bad! But now we'll just make plans to go back in the summer!)


  1. Wonderful photos! and I love the Ninja Turtles, my brother and I used to play with those as kids all the time! :)

  2. I love how the distance hasn't changed your friendships with this family. They just get stronger with every visit, am I right?

  3. definitely, Corey!

  4. Hey girly!! I can not find your emial address here!! Email me at momtosprouts , I think we live very close to each other!! I would love to meet up at Monkey Joes or something!! Let me know...I dont know anyone :)

    Melissa(from Home Grown Families)

  5. that would be mom to sprouts at yahoo......sorry :)

  6. Great shots! Looks like lots of good times.


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