Florida Revisited!

I got my film back! I will now bore all of you with a ton of pictures from our trip :)

Build-A-Bear Workshop:

Several years ago when Jaina was 19 months old and Joshua was about 2 1/2 years old, we took the cousins to the Mall of Georgia to get pictures taken at The Picture People. While waiting for our pictures, we took the kids to Build-A-Bear workshop to pick out animals. Jaina picked out a stuffed dog (later named Alli). What was special about her dog was that it had two satin hearts enclosed. One kissed from Jaina and one kissed from Joshua. She has never forgotten that, probably because we remind her all the time about the two hearts, so one of Jaina's requests in Florida was to go to Build-A-Bear again. This time, Jayce and Justin got to participate as well! Jaina picked out another dog (shocking, I know!) while Justin and Joshua got some type of wild cat. We added sound buttons to them as well. My mom and I tried desperately to find an animal that Jayce would want, but he has never been interested when you give him choices at a store. Even things you know he would like when he gets home. Although it does make it easier only having one child that is tantruming because you won't buy them everything they see at a store, its also kinda sad because Jayce usually doesn't end up getting anything in the process. However, he did finally show minimal approval of a dark brown teddy bear. Jaina did the stuffing part while Jayce discovered the computers with Grandma! The keyboards were very kid-friendly with shapes and colors on the keys so the kids would know how to create their animal's birth certificate by themselves. The computers kept Jayce very happy and occupied while Jaina figured out the best clothes for her doggie, named "Sparky" btw. Jaina picked out a set of diapers for her dog, since she knew she could use them with her other stuffed animals at home. We also bought Superman PJ's for Jayce's bear, although he just brings the bear to you and says, "off? off?" because he feels that stuffed animals should be naked. All in all, we had a wonderful, yet hectic, time at the mall. I forgot to mention that there was no place to sit to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a or in the food court, so we had to sit on the floor to eat while the kids were in the strollers shaped like cars!

Jaina and Joshua riding the small Christmas train outside of Build-a-Bear. Jayce loved the train so much, he asked to ride it again and again and again. Too bad it was fairly expensive per ride.


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