My poor baby

Its not easy to see in the pictures, which is probably a good thing, but the other day, Jayce got his finger stuck in one of the oven's vents. I pulled his finger out not knowing how sharp the metal was and almost ripped off the majority of his nail. It was pretty traumatic for him, especially since he hates band-aids (and stickers, for that matter). However, I insisted on a spongebob band-aid and put a new one on every time he took it off that day. Now he can't live without it! As soon as it gets loose, he takes his finger and shows me and asks, "Spongebob? More spongebob?" Thank goodness, because he's going to have to keep it covered until the new nail grows in and we can cut the remainder of his ripped one off. Makes me squeamish just thinking about it!


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