Father's Day 2015

Brian doesn't like us to make a big deal on Father's Day. He doesn't want presents or cards or to go out to eat or to do something fun. Its because those are all the things *I* like for Mother's Day :) And he doesn't want to be responsible for making all those things happen for me at the next holiday :)

Well, I didn't listen.

We needed a new grill desperately.


"Old and Busted."

And here's the "New Hotness".

(Name that movie!)

If I had left it up to Brian, he would have bought the cheapest grill at Wal-Mart and in a few years, it would look just like the one up there.

I found a good deal on one online. I asked my neighbor what 40,000 BTUs were. Then I called the store, paid for it, had them assemble it, and prayed that it would fit in my van.

Then I asked another neighbor to help me get it back OUT of the van.

This one has so many more features than our old one. I knew he'd love it.

Brian came home and found it in the garage with a big red bow on top.

I think we grilled out three times that weekend :)

Those were some tasty and very evenly cooked burgers! We hadn't had those in a while!

And here's Brian with his brood of goofs.

I think he's a lucky guy! :)


  1. WOW! I LOVE that grill. We just have a cheap charcoal grill, but it makes me want to go out and buy a nice expensive new gas grill. :) What a great Father's Day gift.

  2. This is so special what you did for your husband!! I love it!

  3. Nice grill!

    The quote was from Men In Black, right? I think?


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