Surfside Lovern Family Reunion 2015

My aunt Diane's family gets together every single summer for a family reunion at the beach. Sometimes they get a rental house in Garden City; other times in Murrell's Inlet. This year, the house was in Surfside beach, only about 20 minutes from our condo in Pawleys.

I was privileged enough to be able to go to this reunion when I was in high school. Boy, has their family grown since then! My Aunt Diane and Uncle David have three grown sons now. Their eldest, Matt, has two kids. Then my Aunt Diane has two sisters and a brother. And all their kids are grown, married, and have kids of their own.

I absolutely love how close their family is. The Staska side of the family has only had two reunions ever and my family was only able to get to the one in Florida.

I sincerely hope that one day Brian and I rent a beach house in Pawleys for grown up Jaina, Jayce, and Jocelyn and their spouses and kids. I'm determined to make that happen.

Anyway, my Aunt Diane is one of my favorite people ever. She lives all the way in South Florida so its much easier to see her when she comes up to the South Carolina Coast. It doesn't always work out, but we try to book our condo for the same week that her family has their reunion.

Because there is so many people in her family, they go for the BIG house. I think it slept 35 people?? It was three stories tall and even had an elevator!

That's my Aunt Diane, her mom Dora, and her brother in law, Larry.

We spent all morning out on the beach with them. It was nice that I could leave Brian out with the big kids while Jocelyn and I retreated back to the beach house to rest.

She loved playing with Lily and Gavin's toys. Poor Lily had a terrible double ear infection and didn't feel much like playing while we were there.

The next day we came back to Surfside to change into our swim suits. We lathered our sunscreen on and headed out back. Jaina even got one toe in the water before the thunder started. Back to the beach house we went.

We thought we could wait out the storm, so the kids went inside while Brian monitored the weather situation.

 Unfortunately, it ended up raining for the next 12 hours. But the kids sure had fun inside!

Jocelyn convinced cousin Dustin to play "torpedos" with her. I'm not quite sure how the game went, but they sure had fun :)

Then Kelli and Ryan joined in the fun and the game suddenly turned into "climb on Dustin".

He was a really good sport about it.

Jocelyn loved playing with Kelli. They are pretty close in age.

While the girls played with Dustin, the boys played Minecraft and Geometry Dash in Aunt Patty's room.

Then it was time for a dance party with Lily's stolen shades.

Gavin hurried to finish his lunch so he could join in the dance party, too :)

He kept trying to feed me some of his leftover baked beans. Sweet boy!

We also were able to spend time with the Loverns at the Island Bar and Grill, which is another yearly tradition. Those pictures are up next!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love family reunions and what better place to have one that right on the seaside?!


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