Summer Fun Part One

June may have just started, but our family has been deep into Summer Fun since June 1st.

We haven't touched a thing on our official Summer Bucket List 2015, yet I'm not worried about it. We have all Summer to get stuff checked off the list. Right now we are just enjoying lazy mornings and playing outside.

And wine. I've been enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Not every day :)

Jayce normally has a hard time transitioning from school schedule to unstructured home life, but he's been granted an all access pass to play as much Minecraft on the computer as possible, so he's been pretty happy. We have busy plans this week and a week of baseball camp coming up, so he'd better get that computer time in while he can!

We've also had three playdates with friends that we haven't seen lately. There's just so much more time in the day!

Jaina and I have had two major shopping trips. One to buy swimsuits and one to pick out some shoes. We had to get a little jewelry and hair accessories while we were at it :P

Summer 2015 has been good to us so far :)


  1. Looks like you're already having a fabulous Summer!!


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