Field Day 2015

Let me just say, for the umpteenth time, how lucky we are that Jayce gets to attend an elementary school for 4th and 5th grades. When Jaina was in 4th grade, she attended the local Intermediate School. Parents were not allowed to participate, or even watch, the activities.

I know, I know... don't even get me started.

Jayce's new school usually goes all out for Field Day. They literally spend ALL day outside doing so many activities. His former school had way too many classes full of kids to all go outside at once, so they had to take turns. 

Brian and I were all set to spend lunch through the end of the school day watching Jayce's class.

However, when the morning arrived, there was a homicide next door to the school and the shooter had not been located. That earned the elementary school an official lock down status. Field Day was cancelled. No recess, either. I felt bad for the teachers who had to come up with emergency lesson plans at the last minute to try to keep the kids occupied the entire day.

The shooter was arrested later that weekend and life returned to normal in that small town. The elementary school decided to combine PTO Fun Day (inflatables, shaved ice, etc) with Field Day. I'm so glad it didn't get cancelled altogether.

We missed the morning activities, but Jocelyn and I arrived in time for some afternoon fun. Jayce was involved in a heated Four Square match when we got there. He must be my kid. I absolutely LOVED Four Square when I was his age. I was pretty good, too.

Jocelyn quickly grew bored of watching Jayce play.

 "Push me on the swings, Mommy!"

We were right next to Jayce so we could still see him.

Then it was time for some Disc Golf. My kids haven't really ever played before and I can't say any of the kids were remotely skilled at this activity.

Jocelyn befriended all the girls in Jayce's 4th grade class. They thought she was the cutest thing ever. 

The sat down with her in the grass and helped her pick flowers.

Then it was time for some Corn Hole. Jayce was upset that the class wasn't taking proper score like he had been taught in our back yard during parties.

I was a bit disappointed that we missed the 100 yard dash and also that the Tug Of War was cancelled due to time constraints. However, I am so thankful we were able to go and see some of Field Day :)


  1. Glad they were still able to have fun outside! And glad they caught that shooter! So scary! (And I agree with the 4th grade...Jocelyn is the cutest thing.)


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