The Island Bar and Grill :: 2015 Edition

AKA "The time we waited 90 minutes for our food."

So, we normally love eating at the Island Bar and Grill. It has a great outdoor atmosphere, good beer, to die for shrimp quesadillas (well, when they aren't sitting under warming lamps getting greasy), and good music.

Jocelyn quickly figured out that if you put money in the guitar case, the band will play any song you want :)

Cousin Dustin had to help her request a Meghan Trainor song. And they performed "All About That Bass" just for her :)

Last year, Jocelyn was our sleepy sunburned mess at the restaurant. This year, the award goes to Jayce.

(the following pictures were taken by Jocelyn with me trying to hold the camera steady and not let her drop it)

He really didn't feel well. He was SO sleepy and I wonder if he had a low grade fever as well.

Brody's happiness made up for Jayce and his mood :)

Jayce took this shot of me and Jocelyn. 

The music was perfect for dancing. Carol and Lily, then Kaya and Jocelyn, demonstrated their dancing skills.

Then it was time for Kaya and Brody to show off their mad singing skills.

They definitely take after their talented parents!

So, although the service and food left a lot to be desired, you couldn't beat the company :)

I think next year we'll probably have dinner somewhere else and just come to watch the band play :)


  1. Great pictures! It's definitely hard to wait that long for your food...especially when there are kiddos involved.

  2. This looks like fun!

    But waiting 90 minutes for food? No!

  3. 90 minutes to wait for food is quite ridiculous, but at least you had some great entertainment while you waited!

  4. Good thing there was entertainment, 90 mins is a long time!

  5. What a fun night despite the long wait for your food! I love live entertainment!


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