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The following photographs might make my northern readers feel wistful, amazed, or even upset.

  Yep, that's Jocelyn in a swimsuit with a watering can in the driveway.
It was almost 70 degrees that day.

And here she is playing on the back deck, in the shade, in a short sleeved dress up outfit.

Yes, I know its January and our high should be 40 degrees, not 70. I have no idea what caused this unheard of heat wave, but boy did we take advantage of it.

Brian had a helper when he washed the cars last Monday.

And yesterday, we played in the sandbox with the temperature in the 60's.

Usually an unexpected heat wave leads the way for SNOW, if you can believe it. We actually had the S-Word in our forecast this weekend but it changed. Instead of being 21 degrees with precipitation, our temperature is hovering around 37. Just cold and wet and nasty. So, please, no need to feel jealous of our southern weather any more.

Now that we've had a taste of Spring, I think we all can't wait until Winter is over.

What is the temperature where YOU are??


  1. I live in San Diego, where we've been enjoying 70-80 degree weather all winter. We actually got a day of snow (random!) so it was like, "Hi, winter! Bye, winter!" :)

  2. Yes, I am pretty jealous. Still 20-30 degrees here in Wisconsin. What a little sweetie you have!


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