Bringing in 2015 a day behind already...

According to FB and Instagram, I think about 50% of my online friends went for a family hike on New Year's Day. I'm not quite sure why its such a popular activity to do on that particular day, but it is free and hiking trails don't close for the holidays.

Since someone in our family *cough cough* not me *cough cough* was slightly hung over on New Year's Day, we went hiking on January 2nd.

I'm not sure if this means that our family marches to a beat of a different drum or if we are a day late and a dollar short. :)

We all had a good time, even Jayce. After all, there are no bees in January.

This is about as close as we'll ever get to "Feeding the Bears". 

Look! Smiles from my middle child!

Jocelyn picked out a newborn sized hand made hat that I use for newborn pictures.

Brian received a Superman knit hat that was slightly too big. So he just wore it over his hoodie. He didn't care that he looked like a dork.

Look at Little Miss "hands on her hips" posing for the camera. She's almost 3 going on 13!

Since I use back button focus (and always forget how to turn it off under menu settings), I can't just hand my camera to a stranger for a family pic. So, I used my timer. I think everyone watching thought we were weird.

Yay! Its squished pennies!! We only have a ton from our bi-yearly visits here.

And then it was ice cream time. Its serious business, don't you know?

There is a river that runs behind all the little shops. In the summer, its fun to go wading in the water. In the winter, its just plain silly to even go down there. But I have 3 silly members of my family and only one sensible one. Jayce went to the car to stay warm.

So, that's the story of our how new year started out. I hope its going to be a good one!


  1. When your year starts out with a fun day like this, it's got to be a good year! I think the beanie over the hoodie is so funny, you sure have a silly family. :)

  2. What great pictures and what a fun way to start the new year! Looks like you all had a blast!!

  3. Love the photos.

    I don't think our family would like a hike. Someone would whine.


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