Jocelyn's Third Birthday

About a week after she turned two last year, big sister Jaina started talking to Jocelyn about her third birthday. "And you can get mommy and daddy to take you to Chuck E. Cheese! And it will be so much fun! You love Chuck E. Cheese!"

I wish that Brian and I could say the same about the overcrowded sensory-overload animatronic money pit.

Yet every time a commercial for Chuck E. Cheese would come on, Jocelyn would point to the TV and say, "I'm going to go there! For my birthday!"

There was no talking her out of it.

Now, don't be shocked, but you may not realize that I have a tendency to go overboard for my kids' birthdays. I may not be able to recreate party favors that are pinterest worthy, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

Last year, Jocelyn was sick on her actual birthday. We opted to just take her to McDonald's (her favorite restaurant at the time) and let her play and eat dinner there instead of having a formal party with invited guests. It made me sad, if I am being honest. I have a lot of friends with small children (and big ones, too!) and my theory is "the more the merrier". Brian's theory doesn't match. In fact, its the opposite. "I hate people. And I'm paying for this supposed party so I get to veto all the guests you want to invite."

Which is how we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese with more adult guests than actual kids at our "not party". To be fair, Jocelyn didn't care. Next birthday she'll be in preschool and I'll have some how convinced my husband that we must invite all of her little classmates in 3K. She's got plenty of time to have big friend parties.

(Besides, I'm already planning Jayce's! )

So, Jocelyn got to eat pizza, dance with Chuck E., open presents, eat cake, and waste tokens. Her birthday was a success in her eyes.

Her cake was made by one of Brian's friend's fiancé who is trying to start up her own cake business. We ran into her around the holidays and started chatting about cakes. I feel guilty that Jocelyn wanted such a complicated design. Hopefully we didn't ruin her desire for wanting to bake cakes for the future public.

Brobee in cake form was HUGE. I'm not lying when I say that we have two huge casserole containers full of leftover cake. This cake probably could have easily served 30-40 people.

Happy Birthday to my dear Jocelyn. And may your sister never put birthday ideas into your head again. :)


  1. There's nothing better than that as a three year old! I'm shocked she wasn't afraid of Chucky. Mine would have been :)


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