Are you a "Nice" King? :: Truck Or Treat

My crazy Fall photography schedule booked up fast this year. Some clients even requested session dates for October and November back in August. Most of the time, this is great. Its not so great when you don't know in advance what weekends you need to be "off" as to not miss stuff with your family.

The local church's Trunk Or Treat event was this past Sunday. And I had two sessions and a birthday party to attend. I attempted to arrange the time of the last shoot to allow me to only be 30 minutes late to Trunk or Treat. Unfortunately, traffic had other plans. I got caught in dead stopped traffic on the way home from the birthday party due to two accidents on both East and West bound lanes on the highway.

My first clients were super understanding and agreed to a mini session at their home, just a few miles away from the accident site. Yet, I was still 30 minutes late in meeting them.

My second clients agreed to push their session back 30 minutes so I was able to speed to my next location and get there before the sun set. But, there went any hope of making it to Trunk Or Treat on time.

Brian stepped up and got all three kids ready in costume and took them over with our neighbors.

I arrived just in time to see them on a hay ride.

I could spot them easily due to my husband's costume. He was the Ice King from Adventure Time.

By the time I got there, Jaina had taken off her Fiona hat and wig ("Its TOO hot!!") and Jocelyn was making Jaina hold her Finn hat and backpack and sword. Jayce soon chunked his backpack and hat, too.

So, I was left with some blue kids. Many people asked if they were dressed as Smurfs. Ha ha ha!!

But I knew I could count on the Ice King to remain in costume for me :)

I love to go up to him and ask, "Are you a NICE King?" because it makes Jocelyn laugh. There was a whole episode where a princess misheard The Ice King's name and thought he said he was a Nice King instead :) The Ice King is NOT a Nice King, btw :)

There was no time for me to even think about putting on my costume on Sunday, but its ready to go for Halloween!! I'm so excited!!


  1. LOL! That last picture cracks me up.

    If you lived closer, I'd so hire you for photos too.


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