FestiFall 2014

Jaina couldn't remember what FestiFall was, so I showed her pictures from previous years. Look at my 3 year old Jayce!! ( FestiFall 2008 ) He was so itty bitty!

We arrived just in time for lunch.

Yep, chips and sodas. Jocelyn and Jayce turned their heads up at the BBQ. Jaina bravely tried a bite of mine and ate about 1/2 of it. Brian is anti-beef and anti-pork, so he ate the beans and coleslaw. 

Oh, and Jaina ate an apple. At least that's healthy!

Do you see how my child is wearing something other than Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, or Adventure Time? Yeah. She cried. I'm a mean mom.

The first thing we did was try our hand at writing with  quill pens. It was not easy.

Then it was time to watch the reenactment. Its slightly different every year. This year, I was disappointed that there were no horses.

Jocelyn handled the loud guns very well.

Jayce was absolutely dying to make another candle. We only have about 2,000 in our kitchen drawer :) Or so it seems.

I got bored watching Jayce walk around waiting for his wax to dry, so I took a tour of the farm's kitchen. The girls and Brian were touring the big house at the time.

Then Jayce wanted to play with the old wooden games. He befriended a college senior (She was a Converse Red Devil!!!) and they played quite a bit! Jayce got pretty darn good at throwing and catching the hoops.

Before I even let my kids near the table with the toys and souvenirs, I insisted on a picture of them all together. I got one!!! :)

Jocelyn picked out a flute. No, that was not a great idea. She thinks she sounds great, though!

Jayce picked out a yo-yo. He really likes yo-yos. Unfortunately, he's not very good at them :)

Jaina somehow managed to get a t-shirt AND a necklace. Big kids are way more expensive.

Thanks, Jaina, for documenting the fact that Mommy was actually there, too!


  1. I have to agree with you that big kids are way more expensive. I can't get out of any store without the oldest neeeeeeding something. :)

  2. Looks like such a fun and wonderful time!! Love that picture of all three of them together! just priceless!! :)


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