Its All Greek To Me :: Greek Fest 2014

You know its officially Fall when we hit up the local Greek Festival in town.

The first thing we saw upon entering was Chuck E. Cheese. He's not normally a staple at the festival so we were very suprised to see him. Jocelyn was thrilled! She walked right up to him to give him a hug and get her free book mark.

He followed us into the dining hall where Jocelyn got to spend even more time with him. She told him how her birthday party was going to be there and she'd see him soon.

The food is one of the best things about the festival. I had the Greek Chicken quarter (dark meet) with greek style potatoes and green beans. Oh, and of course, the greek salad with my favorite house dressing. Brian had a gyro and ate my spanakopita that I was too full to finish.

Jayce wanted to take a picture of me and Brian. Um, yeah. This is how Brian looks in a lot of pictures. It drives me crazy. I'm posting it anyway because I'm super cute. And I want all of the world to know I'm married to a goof.

My kids were boring. They all ate chicken and fries from the American grill. Well, except that Jaina stole my feta cheese off my salad. Sometimes I think I'm more Greek than they are, despite them technically being 1/8 Greek from Brian's side of the family.

Oh, and Jayce is wearing a tie just because. He's really into ties right now.

Then it was time to really get down to business. The rides are the real reason we were there.

The kids were slightly disappointed that there were no actual rides this year. But they made due with the plethora of bouncy houses.

Big Sisters are the best.

Then it was time for corn hole and face painting. Jayce won a prize.

Jocelyn surprised us all by climbing up into a volunteer's lap. She is normally shy around strangers. Not today!

Jocelyn asked for a Mickey with red sparkles. Not a Minnie with a red bow. There is a difference.

And then there was dancing...

I have pictures and video of Jayce and Jaina dancing when they were 2 and 5. I'm glad to know that Jocelyn was able to join in as well.

I had to run and take Jayce to baseball practice, which luckily was right down the street. By the time I had come back, her Mickey was all about gone from her face.

I also found Jaina trying to talk Brian into buying her stuff when I returned.

We escaped to the front steps of the old church to eat our greek donuts in peace. Unfortunately, we were followed by a swarm of yellow jackets who were very intent on eating our treats.

We hit up the infamous playground (where Jayce broke his arm) and were quite vigilant while watching Jocelyn.

Okay, so not everyone was so vigilant.

Another Greek Fest down and in the books. Next up, FestiFall!!

I love October!


  1. This comment, "Oh, and Jayce is wearing a tie just because. He's really into ties right now." cracked me up. I love how you just let your kids be who they are! Sounds like a nice time... and you and your husbands photo, yeah I can relate to that... except I'm usually the goof ;)


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