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The Fall Photography season has officially started and I am already completely booked as of last night, until Thanksgiving. This blows my mind. I have a great mixture of former clients and a few new ones I haven't met yet. This is going to be the best season ever!

But, because of this, my kids are going to get the shaft around here on this ol' blog. They'll be lucky if I even have the energy to pick up my camera phone to capture their cuteness.'

Here's what we've been up to around here...

We took Snoopy to Taco Bell with us. She barked and licked a lot.

We made a new friend a few weeks ago at our local library. After a couple of park days, we finally broke into the "I think you're normal enough to invite over to our home" territory. We were guests in their home first and we had a blast outside. I mean, purple sand?? Jocelyn is very disappointed that we do not have colored sand at our house.

The Tween graciously allowed me to take her picture while in the car line for early morning drop off. She is performing in the middle school All State honor chorus this weekend.

The third child has only had time for car naps this week. At this point, she's lucky she even gets a nap.

If we are home, she is wearing her costume.

Oh, and I have a son, too. He plays baseball a lot.

So, that's our life in a nutshell. Lots to do, lots to see... that's the Walker Way :)


  1. awesome shots!! i feel the same way! so crazy busy but loving it too!! :)


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