Park with Friends

Before my morning sickness hit an all time high, but after my intestinal obstruction mishap, I had one weekend free from tummy issues. And it happened to be the weekend that our good friends from Pennsylvania came to visit :)

Kelly and her kids had forgotten what it was like to be in the South in the summer time. With highs in the upper 90's, they were quickly reminded!

Luckily, there was plenty of water.

But boy did their faces get red in a hurry!

The kids couldn't wait to go to the park, but after 15 minutes there, both Kelly and I heard a lot of "Ugh! Its hot! When can we go home and play DS?"

We just shooed them off to play some more.

Well, not everyone played.

And not everyone wanted their photo taken, either.

But the moms got to sit around and chat and THAT was the important thing :)

Kelly, our family misses yours so much already! Promise me you'll make this a yearly visit down South, okay?


  1. fun photos jess, i can almost feel the heat from the day though, woo.

    you look wonderful! i hope the morning ickies eases and you're smooth sailing soon...

  2. It is extra hot in the south this year isn't it? It's even worse when your pregnant. Bless ya!

  3. Great shots! Looks like a fun time!


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