Morning (and noon and night) Sickness


Nothing can take that "I just found out I'm expecting!" glow away from a newly pregnant woman like the dreaded Morning Sickness can.

Its almost enough to make me wonder why I even wanted to be pregnant again.

Almost :)

What I do regret, however, is bragging about how little morning sickness I had with my pregnancies with Jaina and Jayce. No wonder I got the evil eye from so many of my mommy friends. I truly did not understand what they meant until now. So, my apologies! Karma is certainly making up for lost time.

So far I'm trying all the tricks in the book to make this time more manageable. I'm taking prescription Zofran, vitamin B6, eating more protein, eating small and frequent meals (even when I don't feel like eating), sipping on ginger ale throughout the day, and I even went and bought those Sea Band thingys that use accupressure on your wrist points.

Any other advice or "This worked for me!" would be greatly appreciated.

I'm so behind on blogging. For my sanity and peace of mind, I'll probably just let all of it go. I eventually will post about our tie-dyeing adventure, just because I promised a friend, but it is going to have to wait until I feel better again.

I'll still be catching up on your blogs from my laptop on my bed. Just no new posts from me here for a while. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. oh no worries jess! (but what did you think the stink eye was for! lol lucky that you didn't have it before, i hope the next little while passes quickly for you.)


  2. Oh, sorry you are so miserable. I was also constantly sick, even with the zofran, but the zofran helped me to at least function and stop losing weight. I would always have saltine crackers to eat through the night and apple juice really helped my sister-in-law.

    Good luck!

  3. Jess, this is wonderful news!!! That you are expecting, that is --not the morning sickness.

    I hope the morning sickness passes quickly for you.

  4. Sorry bout that. I found lemon water soothing. During my first pregnancy I worked at a restaurant, and I took home with me the ends of every lemon I cut up (for drink garnishes) and squeezed them into a jar that I kept in the fridge. I'd add about 1/2 inch to every glass of water I drank, otherwise I couldn't even stomach the water!

  5. I am so sorry you are feeing so terrible! I don't have any tricks to share. I will pray for you today though.

  6. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! :) I always did the ginger ale and saltines but there were times that wasn't cutting it. When I was pregnant with Lucy one of my teacher friends suggested sucking on peppermint candy or chewing peppermint gum. She said that peppermint oil is supposed to curb nausea. Girl, I was eating peppermints by the bag full and it really did help. Also, to help with gagging...try putting a little bit of table salt on your tongue. I was getting a root canal last year and was gagging on all the "stuff" they had to put in my mouth. The hygienist sprinkled some salt on my tongue and the gagging stopped! She said it's the salt in saltines that helps with morning sickness wretching so they decided to try it on their patients and it works :) Good luck and I hope you feel better very quickly!
    Oh, you said you had no problems and this time is bad? My sister's morning sickness was twice as bad when she was pregnant with TWINS than it was when she was pregnant the first two times with just one baby :p

  7. So sorry you're being hit hard with the morning sickness!

    Original mint flavor Trident gum was my salvation. Especially when I had afternoon sickness almost every day on my commute home from work. I would pop in a piece of gum and that would keep me from having to pull over. That and the other things mentioned: lemon water, small frequent meals/constant snacking on crackers (probably also how I gained 30+ lbs in the first trimester.)

  8. Congrats on the pregnancy!! Hoping this sickness passes for you soon.. I was one of those annoying moms who never had morning sickness, but I sympathize with you none the less. :(

  9. I took vitamin b6 and unisom daily when my sickness usually began, which was lunch time. I think I actually took half the unisom at lunch and half at dinner but I can't remember. I still didn't want to eat anything but at least I wasn't hunched over on the floor of the shower.

    But my bet is zofran is where it is at.

    I tried the preggy pops, they were ok. It will pass. ;-)

  10. so obviously i've never been pregnant, but i'm a big puker in general - if i get sick, it's all in my stomach. a few things that always help me, in this order: 1) cherry/orange popsicles, 2) white bread, 3) sprite or ginger ale, 4) gatorade, 5) tea (can you even drink this while you are pregnant) fruit smoothie things from starbucks.

    so sorry you are feeling icky! but at least it's for a good reason. :) hugs!

  11. I even had a Reglan pump at one point and still could not stop puking. Sleep was my only escape and half that time I'd wake from that and barely make it to the potty.

    It'll be over in no time =)


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